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Qualification Programme & Events

Today's world of work is subject to constant change and requires lifelong learning. On the one hand, specialists need expertise as well as other skills to put project ideas into practice in teams or as managers. On the other hand, a title once acquired, a competence once acquired, will no longer be sufficient to carry out the same activity throughout one's life. Career reorientations will always trigger new learning processes.

This is where the Graduate Academy, in cooperation with other service institutions and the doctoral colleges of Clausthal University of Technology, would like to start. With its further education and qualification programmes, it offers a platform for the development of competencies that form the basis of today's everyday work. In concrete terms, the focus here is in particular on

     1. personal competencies - e.g. self-management, self-reflection

     2. methodical competences - e.g. project management, practical transfer, presentation

         techniques, scientific writing

     3. social skills - e.g. leadership skills, conflict management, communication technology.

On the following websites you will find the qualification offer of the Graduate Academy and the institutions cooperating with it. All junior researchers are cordially invited to participate in the Graduate Academy's programme and develop their labour market-relevant skills.




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