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Doctoral Procedural Regulations

According to §2 of the Doctoral Procedural Regulations of the Graduate Academy of Clausthal University of Technology dated 12/07/2016, all doctoral students of Clausthal University of Technology are members of the Graduate Academy. All offers and services of the Graduate Academy are open to them.

Besides, the Doctoral Procedural Regulations of the Graduate Academy issued by the Senate of Clausthal University of Technology on 12/07/2016 earmark for the following organizational form:


The Graduate Academy shall be chaired by the Council. It is chaired by the Vice-President for Research and Technology Transfer. From each faculty, the Faculty Council appoints one member of the group of university teaching group and one member of the doctoral students per study comission.


Members of Council

Chair: Vice President Research and Technology Transfer (German: VPF)

Prof. Dr. Heike Y. Schenk-Mathes

Institute of Management and Economics
Environmental Management
Julius-Albert-Straße 2
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Room 203
Phone: +49 (5323) 72 - 7604
Email: heike.schenk-mathes(at)


Faculty of Natural and Material Science

University Teaching Group: Prof. Dr. D. Johannsmann (Institute of Physikcal Chemistry); deputy: Prof. Dr. U.E.A. Fittschen (Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry)

Doctoral Students: M. Sc. J. Hiller (Institute of Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry); deputy: M. Sc. G. Oehl (Institute of Polymeric Materials and Plastics Engineering)


Faculty of Energy and Economic Sciences

University Teaching Group: Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Goldmann (Institute of Mineral and Waste Processing, Waste Disposal and Geomechanics; deputy: Prof. Dr.-Ing. O. Langefeld (Institute of Mining)

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Ch. Schwindt (Institute of Management and Economics); deputy: Prof. Dr. Th. Niemand (Institute of Management and Economics)

Doctoral Students: M.Sc. Ch. Klaas (Institute of Electrical Power Engineering and Energy Sytems; deputy: M.Sc. Th. Plett (Institute of Mining); M.Sc. L. Lux (Institute of Polymeric Materials and Plastics Engineering)

M.Sc. M. Reimer (Institute of Management and Economics)


Faculty of Mathematics/Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering

University Teaching Group: Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Strube (Institute of Separation and Process Technology); deputy: Prof. Dr.-Ing. St. Hartmann (Institute of Technical Mechanics)

Prof. Dr. St. Westphal (Institute of Mathematics) ; deputy: Prof. Dr. R. Ehlers (Institute for Software and Systems Engineering)

Doctoral Students: M. Sc. Hansen (Institute of Particle Technology); deputy: M.Sc. M. Leicher (Institute of Welding and Machining)

M.Sc. T. Ahlbrecht (Insitute of Computer Science); deputy: M.Sc. J. Zawallich (Institute of Mathematics)


Structural Doctorate Programs

Prof. Dr. A. Wolter (MP-Kolleg); Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs (Promotionskolleg Oberflächentechnik und -funktionalisierung); Prof. A. Weber (Promotionsprogramm Selbstorganisierte multifunktionale Strukturen für den adaptiven Hochleistungsleichtbau), Prof. Dr. J. Müller (DFG-Graduiertenkolleg 1931 Socialcars, Graduiertenschule Heterogene Mensch-Maschine-Teams HERMES), Prof. Dr. D. Goldmann (European Training Network SULTAN; Research Training Group CircularLIB), Prof. Dr. Dieter Meiners (Graduiertenschule des Campus Funktionswerkstoffe), Prof. Dr. A. Rausch



Managing Director: Dr. Jacqueline Leßig-Owlanj

Main building of Clausthal University of Technology
Adolph-Roemer-Str. 2a
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Room 109c
Tel.: +49 (0) 53 23 - 72 29 72




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