Graduate Academy


The Graduate Academy of the Clausthal University of Technology is a newly founded institution for the support and promotion of young scientists. Its goal is to promote the quality of doctoral procedures across disciplines and faculties and to provide young scientists with options for expanding their own areas of competence. Our vision is to contribute significantly to career development and career decisions of young academics.

Therefore, the Graduate Academy offers a qualification programme that enables young scientists to receive support in their specialist field and contributes to the expansion of competences in the interdisciplinary field that are decisive for entering the world of work.

Further offerings of the Graduate Academy include events that make it easier for young scientists to get started in everyday research and open up career options in addition to the usual career paths. The Welcome Workshop introduces new doctoral students to university structures and the next steps at the beginning of a doctoral project are explained. A career fair and a career day make it possible to make contact with potential employers in the industrial sector or to get to know alternative career paths. The Day of Young Scientists focuses on interdisciplinary networking and discussion.

The Graduate Academy likes to see itself as a forum for discussion and to have an active discussion with its members. Career development is a dynamic process that needs to be shaped individually. Therefore, it is important for us to know the wishes and demands of our young scientists. We would like to encourage all our young scientists, but also supervisors and professors, to seek dialogue with us. 

The websites of the Graduate Academy are still under construction and are updated continuously.




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